In an era where instant gratification has become the norm, live chat support has emerged as an indispensable tool for providing timely customer assistance. As businesses strive to meet the rising expectations for swift and effective customer service, selecting the right live chat support app can be a game-changer. In the article ‘Top 5 Live Chat Support Apps of 2024: Boost Customer Satisfaction,’ we explore the leading solutions that have set the standard for real-time customer engagement and satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

  • LiveChat is recognized as the best overall software for live chat support, offering a robust platform for sales and customer service with extensive customization options.
  • Brevo Conversations stands out as the top value for money, providing a cost-effective live chat solution without compromising on quality or features.
  • Tidio Chat is the preferred choice for businesses seeking advanced automation capabilities to streamline customer interactions and improve efficiency.
  • JivoChat is praised for its wide compatibility, offering dedicated apps for every device to ensure seamless communication across all platforms.
  • Userlike is the go-to live chat support app for European users, tailored to meet the specific needs and regulations of the European market.

1. LiveChat

1. LiveChat

I’ve found that LiveChat stands out as a robust solution for customer engagement and support. Its intuitive interface and rich feature set make it a top choice for businesses looking to enhance their customer service experience. LiveChat caters to a variety of needs, from sales to lead generation, and is particularly beneficial for mid-sized to large businesses.

LiveChat integrates seamlessly with platforms like Telegram, Slack, and WhatsApp, which is a game-changer for maintaining a cohesive communication ecosystem. The customization options are extensive, allowing businesses to tailor the chat experience to their brand’s look and feel.

Here’s a quick overview of what LiveChat offers:

  • Live Chat for various purposes including Customer Service, Sales, and eCommerce
  • A range of integrations with popular messaging apps
  • Detailed reporting on agent performance and customer satisfaction

LiveChat’s AI writing assistant is a noteworthy feature that helps adjust the tone of messages, ensuring a personalized and effective customer interaction.

While it’s a fantastic tool, smaller businesses might find it less beneficial due to its orientation towards team-based features and a pricing structure that favors larger companies. Ratings reflect its popularity, with a Capterra score of 4.6/5 based on over a thousand reviews.

2. Brevo Conversations

2. Brevo Conversations

When I first explored Brevo Conversations, I anticipated a serviceable but unremarkable tool. To my surprise, it rivaled our top pick, LiveChat, in many ways. Brevo Conversations stands out for its exceptional value for money, offering a suite of features that are both innovative and cost-effective.

Brevo’s journey from an email marketing platform to integrating Chatra’s live chat service has resulted in a robust product that’s especially appealing to those seeking a cost-effective live chat solution. It’s also ideal for current Brevo users looking to expand their toolkit.

Here’s a quick glance at their pricing structure:

Plan Price per Month Features
Free $0 Unlimited chats, email integration, full conversation history, business phone features
Pro $15 Adds targeted messages, chatbots, social media integration, live visitor feed, chat ratings, saved messages

Prices reflect monthly rates. Opting for an annual plan grants a 10% discount.

While the mobile and desktop apps could use some refinement for a more fluid user experience, the core functionality remains solid, making it a smart choice for businesses on a budget.

If you’re in the market for a live chat app that balances cost and functionality, Brevo Conversations might just be the tool you need.

3. Tidio Chat

3. Tidio Chat

Tidio Chat emerges as a highly recommended solution for small businesses seeking a robust free plan and advanced chatbot automations. Their mobile app is a game-changer, allowing operators to engage with customers anytime, anywhere, ensuring queries are promptly addressed. The ability to support multiple languages makes Tidio a versatile tool for global customer interaction.

Tidio’s strength lies in its ability to offer 24/7 support, making sure that customer questions are never left unanswered.

While Tidio offers a compelling free tier, it’s worth noting that the use of chatbots is limited to 100 visitors per month, or 50 for the AI-powered option, before additional costs apply. The learning curve for mastering automations can be steep, but the payoff in customer satisfaction can be substantial.

Pros of Tidio Chat:

  • Free live chat software with optimization capabilities
  • Workflow-based automation for efficient customer support
  • Competitive pricing for small to medium businesses

Cons to consider:

  • Limited free chatbot interactions
  • Requires time to learn and implement automations
  • Some customer service features may be lacking

Overall, Tidio Chat is an excellent choice for those who prioritize seamless customer support and are willing to invest in chatbot technology to enhance their service.

4. JivoChat

4. JivoChat

JivoChat has truly set a high standard for live chat support apps, with its modern interface and comprehensive feature list. Their ‘Permanently Free’ plan caters to small teams, offering up to 5 agents the ability to manage unlimited chats without any cost. This is a game-changer for startups and small businesses looking to enhance their customer support without breaking the bank.

The app’s compatibility is impressive, with dedicated apps for all major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. For those with a global audience, JivoChat supports up to 25 languages and can integrate automatic translations, making it a versatile choice for international businesses.

Feature Highlights:

  • Built-in CRM
  • Desktop and browser apps
  • Automations and targeted chats
  • One-click calling and email integration
  • Internal team chats

JivoChat isn’t just about live chat; it’s a comprehensive communication hub. With integrations across Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Gmail, WhatsApp, and more, it allows your team to manage conversations across multiple channels seamlessly.

For businesses looking to expand their customer support capabilities, JivoChat offers additional features at an extra cost, such as real-time visitor monitoring, callback features, and even a business phone line. Chatbots, which can handle repetitive queries, are available through third-party integrations, further enhancing the efficiency of your support team.

5. Userlike

5. Userlike

Rounding out our top 5 is Userlike, a robust live chat solution that’s been gaining traction for its professional approach to real-time customer engagement. The platform shines in its ability to integrate with a multitude of CRMs and social media tools, ensuring that your customer support is streamlined and efficient.

Userlike’s free plan is a great starting point, but to truly leverage its potential, investing in one of the paid plans is advisable. Here’s a quick glance at what users appreciate and what could be better:

  • Pros:

    • High Capterra score (4.6/5)
    • User-friendly interface
    • Customizable chat widgets
    • Multi-channel chat management
  • Cons:

    • Limited triggers for chat automation
    • Minimum purchase of 4 agent licenses on the cheapest paid plan
    • Slow updates to chat widget behavior

Userlike is particularly recommended for EU-based companies that prioritize compliance with strict privacy regulations. While it has room for improvement, particularly in its automation features, the platform’s strengths in customization and integration make it a strong contender in the live chat support space.


As we’ve explored the top live chat support apps of 2024, it’s clear that customer satisfaction hinges on the ability to provide quick, efficient, and personalized service. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, the right live chat solution can make a significant difference in how your customers perceive your brand. From LiveChat’s robust reporting features to Tidio Chat’s automation prowess, each app offers unique benefits tailored to specific business needs. Remember, the best live chat app for your business will depend on your team’s size, your technical requirements, and the type of customer experience you aim to deliver. By considering these factors and the insights provided in this article, you’re well-equipped to boost your customer satisfaction and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of customer service technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 5 live chat support apps of 2024?

The top 5 live chat support apps of 2024 are LiveChat, Brevo Conversations, Tidio Chat, JivoChat, and Userlike.

Which live chat app is best for mid-sized and large businesses?

LiveChat is considered the best overall software for mid-sized and large businesses, offering detailed reporting on agent performance and customer satisfaction.

What are the key features of Brevo Conversations?

Brevo Conversations is known for providing top value for money, but specific features are not detailed in the provided information.

Why is Tidio Chat the top choice for automations?

Tidio Chat is favored for its automation capabilities, helping businesses streamline their customer support with bots and automated messaging.

What makes JivoChat stand out among live chat apps?

JivoChat offers apps for every device, ensuring seamless customer support across different platforms and devices.

Why is Userlike the top choice for European users?

Userlike is tailored to the needs of European users, although the specific reasons are not provided in the available information.

Can LiveChat integrate with other communication tools?

Yes, LiveChat offers a variety of integrations with communication tools such as Telegram, Slack, and WhatsApp.

How does live chat software enhance customer experience?

Live chat software allows real-time customer conversations on various platforms, leading to quicker support and a more positive customer experience.






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