The 2024 Rankings of the Top 100 Most Popular Websites Globally & in the US provide valuable insights into the digital landscape and user preferences. This list showcases the websites that attract the highest traffic and engagement, reflecting the diverse interests and online behaviors of users worldwide.

Key Takeaways

  • Google holds the top position as the most popular website globally with 175 billion average monthly visits.
  • YouTube follows closely behind Google with over 113 billion monthly visits, securing the second spot.
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok continue to dominate the online space, emphasizing the importance of social networking in today’s digital age.
  • The presence of news and media websites such as CNN, Fox News, and The New York Times highlights the significance of staying informed and accessing reliable news sources online.
  • The rankings reveal a strong correlation between user preferences and website categories, with search engines, social media, and news platforms being among the most visited websites globally.

1. Google

1. Google

As of February 2024, Google reigns supreme as the most visited website globally, a testament to its ubiquitous presence in our daily lives. With a staggering 175 billion average monthly visits, it’s clear that Google is not just a search engine; it’s an integral part of the internet ecosystem. The sheer volume of searches reflects our reliance on Google for information, navigation, and a myriad of other services.

Here’s a quick glance at Google’s impressive stats:

  • 175 billion average monthly visits
  • Serves over 326 million users each month

Google’s dominance is further underscored by the fact that it’s part of Alphabet Inc., which also owns YouTube, the second most visited site. This dual leadership in the digital space highlights the company’s unparalleled influence.

While many of the top websites are well-established brands, it’s fascinating to see how they continue to evolve and maintain their positions at the forefront of the digital age. Google’s consistent innovation ensures it remains the go-to portal for billions around the world.

2. YouTube

2. YouTube

Stepping into the realm of YouTube, we’re looking at a colossal 2.49 billion monthly active users (MAUs). This platform isn’t just a hub for video sharing; it’s a powerhouse for marketing and brand promotion. If you’re aiming to leverage video content for your business, YouTube should be a cornerstone of your strategy.

To ensure your videos stand out in a sea where 500 hours of content are uploaded every minute, consider these steps:

  • Create a compelling YouTube channel for your brand.
  • Dive into YouTube SEO to boost your video’s visibility.
  • Explore advertising options on YouTube to expand your reach.

Remember, YouTube is more than a social media platform; it’s a vast search engine second only to Google. Harnessing its potential can lead to significant growth for your brand.

With YouTube’s staggering statistics, such as one billion hours of videos watched daily, it’s clear why it’s ranked so highly. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the opportunities for discovery and connection that YouTube provides for users and brands alike.

3. Facebook

3. Facebook

With over 3 billion monthly active users (MAUs), Facebook remains the largest social networking site in the world. That’s about 37% of the global population, making it an essential platform for personal connections and business marketing alike.

Facebook Messenger, a spin-off app for direct messaging, has a staggering 931 million MAUs. The platform is particularly friendly to businesses, with over 200 million utilizing Facebook tools and more than seven million advertisers actively promoting their brands.

The key to success on Facebook is engaging content that fosters conversations and meaningful interactions, particularly among family and friends.

Here’s a quick look at the numbers:

Characteristic Number of active users (in millions)
Facebook 3,049
Facebook Messenger 979

Remember, the Facebook algorithm favors content that sparks dialogue, so focusing on creating such content can be a smart move for your business.

4. Pornhub

4. Pornhub

As we delve into the rankings, it’s important to note that Pornhub stands out with a staggering 12.8 billion monthly visits. This adult content platform has cemented its place as a dominant force in the industry, reflecting a significant portion of internet traffic.

Caution is advised when exploring such sites, as they contain material that may not be suitable for all audiences. Despite the sensitive nature of its content, Pornhub’s popularity is undeniable, showcasing the diverse range of interests that web users have.

Here’s a quick glance at the numbers:

Website Monthly Visits (in billions) 175 113 18.1 12.8

The sheer volume of traffic to Pornhub is a testament to the platform’s robust user engagement and the adult entertainment industry’s vast reach online.

5. Xvideos

5. Xvideos

Landing at number five, Xvideos continues to draw a staggering number of visitors, with its monthly visits reaching nearly 9 billion. The platform’s popularity underscores the vast demand for adult content online.

While the site’s content may not be suitable for all audiences, it’s important to note the significant traffic it commands in comparison to other mainstream sites. Here’s a quick snapshot of the monthly visits in billions for context:

Website Monthly Visits (in billions) 175 113 18.1 12.8 8.96

As we delve into these rankings, it’s crucial to approach the data with an understanding of the diverse interests and needs that drive internet traffic.

Remember, the internet is a reflection of global interests, and sites like Xvideos are a testament to the variety of content that users seek out. Whether for entertainment, education, or personal reasons, the websites that top these rankings are as varied as the users who visit them.

6. Wikipedia

6. Wikipedia

Nestled at the sixth spot, Wikipedia stands as a testament to the collective knowledge of humanity. With 8.46 billion monthly visits, it’s clear that this encyclopedia has become an indispensable resource for people around the globe. Whether it’s a student researching for a paper or a curious mind exploring random topics, Wikipedia offers a wealth of information at our fingertips.

  • Free and accessible to all
  • Over 55 million articles
  • Available in more than 300 languages

Wikipedia’s model of allowing volunteers to edit and contribute has fostered an expansive repository of information that continues to grow each day.

It’s not just the quantity of content that makes Wikipedia remarkable, but the dedication to neutrality and accuracy. The community’s vigilance in maintaining the integrity of the information is what truly sets it apart. As we navigate through an era of misinformation, Wikipedia’s commitment to facts is more crucial than ever.

7. Twitter

7. Twitter

I find Twitter to be a fascinating platform. It’s unique in that it focuses on real-time information, allowing users to share and discover the latest happenings in just 280 characters. Many brands have recognized Twitter as a crucial customer service channel. Over 80% of social customer service requests are made through Twitter, earning it the nickname from Salesforce as the ‘New 1-800 Number for Customer Service.’

If you’re just starting out, I’d recommend looking into Twitter Tips for Beginners. Once you’ve got the hang of it, there’s a wealth of strategies to explore, like the ’20 Hidden Ways to Use Advanced Search for Marketing and Sales.’

Twitter isn’t just about keeping up with friends; it’s a powerful tool for businesses and individuals alike to stay informed and connected in an ever-changing digital landscape.

8. Instagram

8. Instagram

Instagram continues to be a powerhouse in the social media world, with its vibrant mix of photos, videos, Stories, Reels, and live videos captivating users globally. As a brand, the ability to create an Instagram business profile is invaluable, offering rich analytics and the convenience of scheduling posts through third-party tools. It’s not just about brand promotion; Instagram is a hub for user-generated content, with users eagerly sharing and tagging brands in their posts.

To master Instagram, it’s essential to understand its multifaceted features and how they can enhance your marketing strategy.

Here’s a quick rundown of what makes Instagram a top choice for both individuals and brands:

  • Share a wide range of content from photos to live videos
  • Access to detailed analytics with a business profile
  • Schedule posts using external tools
  • Engage with user-generated content

Remember, leveraging Instagram effectively can significantly boost your online presence and audience engagement.

9. Reddit

9. Reddit

With a staggering 1.7 billion visits in April 2023, Reddit has truly earned its moniker as the front page of the internet. The platform is a hub for a variety of content, from current events to celebrity AMAs and deep dives into niche topics.

Reddit is structured into subreddits, which are communities dedicated to specific interests or topics. Here’s a quick snapshot of Reddit’s diverse engagement:

  • Current Events: Stay updated with the latest news and discussions.
  • Celebrity AMAs: Direct interactions with public figures.
  • Niche Topics: Explore in-depth conversations on subjects you’re passionate about.

Remember, while Reddit can be a powerful tool for brand engagement, direct self-promotion is often frowned upon. Instead, focus on contributing value to the conversations and becoming an active member of the community.

If you’re considering Reddit for business, it’s crucial to understand the platform’s culture. Engage authentically, and you could see significant benefits in terms of exposure and traffic.

10. DuckDuckGo

10. DuckDuckGo

Nestled comfortably in the top 10, DuckDuckGo stands out as a beacon for privacy-conscious users. Unlike its competitors, this search engine doesn’t track your searches or create personal data profiles. It’s a refreshing alternative for those of us who value our online privacy.

With a commendable 4.55 billion monthly visits, DuckDuckGo has carved out a niche in a market dominated by giants. Here’s a quick snapshot of its global reach:

Metric Value (in billions)
Monthly Visits 4.55

It’s not just about the numbers, though. DuckDuckGo’s commitment to not tracking its users offers a unique selling point that resonates with a growing segment of internet users. As we continue to navigate the complexities of digital privacy, DuckDuckGo’s popularity is a testament to the public’s shifting priorities.

In an era where data is gold, choosing DuckDuckGo is like choosing a path less traveled, but one that leads to greater control over your personal information.

11. Spankbang

11. Spankbang

As we delve into the rankings, it’s important to note that some websites, like Spankbang, cater to adult content and should be approached with discretion. secures the 11th spot with a significant 4.44 billion monthly visits, reflecting its popularity in the adult entertainment sector.

Here’s a quick snapshot of its standing:

Website Monthly Visits (in billions) 4.44

While the numbers are impressive, it’s crucial to remember the importance of internet safety and privacy when exploring such sites. Always ensure you’re using secure and private browsing methods to protect your digital footprint.

12. Yahoo

12. Yahoo

As we delve into the realm of Yahoo, it’s fascinating to see how this pioneer of the digital age continues to hold its ground. Yahoo’s resilience in the face of evolving internet trends is commendable, maintaining a significant user base and a diverse range of services.

Yahoo has long been known for its search engine capabilities, but it offers so much more. From email services to news and finance, the platform has managed to stay relevant by constantly adapting to user needs. Here’s a quick rundown of what Yahoo brings to the table:

  • A robust search engine
  • Yahoo Mail, a widely used email service
  • Yahoo Finance, providing financial news and information
  • Yahoo News, with up-to-date coverage on global events

Yahoo’s ability to evolve and integrate new features while maintaining core services is a testament to its enduring appeal.

While it may not be the titan it once was, Yahoo continues to be a staple for many internet users around the world. Its journey is a reminder that in the digital world, adaptability is key to longevity.

13. Amazon

13. Amazon

As I delve into the vast digital marketplace, it’s clear that Amazon has cemented its position as a cornerstone of e-commerce. With its seamless blend of an extensive product range and user-friendly services, it’s no surprise that Amazon ranks high on the list of most popular websites both globally and in the US.

Convenience is the keyword when it comes to Amazon’s success. From the comfort of your home, you can browse through millions of products across various categories, making it a one-stop shop for virtually any need. Here’s a quick rundown of what makes Amazon stand out:

  • A vast selection of goods from electronics to groceries
  • User-centric features like one-click ordering and personalized recommendations
  • Prime membership offering free shipping, streaming services, and more

Amazon’s ability to innovate and adapt to consumer needs is unparalleled in the retail space. Its commitment to customer satisfaction through reliable delivery and easy returns is a testament to why it remains a top choice for online shoppers.

Whether you’re a casual buyer or a business looking to leverage Amazon’s platform, the site’s infrastructure supports a diverse range of transactions and interactions. It’s a digital behemoth that continues to evolve, ensuring it stays ahead in the competitive world of online retail.

14. Xnxx

14. Xnxx

As we delve into the rankings, it’s important to note that holds its own with a significant 4.22 billion monthly visits. This places it firmly in the top 15 most visited websites globally, a testament to its popularity.

While the content on Xnxx may not be for everyone, its user base is undeniably large. It’s crucial to exercise discretion and ensure you’re in a private setting if you choose to visit. Here’s a quick snapshot of its standing:

Website Monthly Visits (in billions) 4.22

Remember, the internet is a vast space with a plethora of sites to explore. Whether you’re looking for entertainment, information, or a specific service, there’s likely a website that caters to your needs. Just be mindful of the content and the audience each site is designed for.

15. Bing

15. Bing

Landing at number 15, Bing continues to be a key player in the search engine market. Despite the dominance of Google, Bing still attracts a significant user base with 3.96 billion monthly visits. It’s a testament to the diversity of the internet that a platform like Bing can maintain relevance in a Google-centric world.

Microsoft’s Bing offers a different search experience, with features such as rewards programs and integration with Microsoft Office products. Here’s a quick glance at what sets Bing apart:

  • Rewards program incentivizing searches
  • Visual search capabilities
  • Integration with Microsoft Office

Bing’s resilience in the search engine market is noteworthy, especially considering the fierce competition it faces.

As we continue to explore the vast landscape of the internet, it’s clear that search engines like Bing play an indispensable role in how we discover and interact with online content.

16. Tiktok

16. Tiktok

Stepping into the vibrant world of TikTok, I’m immediately struck by its meteoric rise to fame. Launched in 2017, it’s not just a social media platform; it’s a cultural phenomenon that has recently surpassed Google as the most visited internet site. With a user base predominantly within the 10-29 age range, it’s clear that TikTok has become the go-to destination for the younger demographic.

Here’s a quick snapshot of TikTok’s user engagement:

  • 1.22 billion Monthly Active Users (MAUs)
  • A vast array of content from lip-syncs to DIY tutorials
  • Strong appeal to users aged 10-29, making up 47.4% of its US audience

TikTok isn’t just about entertainment; it’s a powerful tool for businesses targeting a youthful audience. With features that allow for the creation and sharing of videos up to 10 minutes, enhanced by a rich selection of sound effects and filters, it’s an engaging platform that brands can’t afford to ignore.

As I delve deeper, I realize that TikTok’s success lies in its ability to offer a space where creativity knows no bounds. Whether it’s for personal expression or brand growth, TikTok is reshaping the way we think about social media engagement.



As we delve into the Japanese market, it’s fascinating to see holding its ground with 3.29 billion monthly visits. This platform remains a cornerstone of Japan’s digital landscape, offering a diverse range of services from news to e-commerce.

  • is not just a search engine; it’s a hub for various online activities.
  • The site’s popularity in Japan underscores the importance of localized content and services.
  • Despite global competitors, maintains a loyal user base in Japan.

The resilience of in the face of global giants speaks volumes about the unique preferences of Japanese internet users.

While it may not have the same global reach as some of its counterparts,’s tailored approach to the Japanese audience is a testament to its enduring appeal and relevance in the region.



As I delve into the rankings, it’s clear that stands out as a go-to source for millions. In November 2023, it garnered 3.25 billion monthly visits, a testament to its reliability for weather forecasts and updates. Here’s a quick snapshot of its popularity:

Website Monthly Visits (in billions) 3.25’s success isn’t just about numbers; it’s about the trust users place in it for accurate and timely information. Whether planning a trip or just deciding what to wear, it’s the place I check before stepping out the door. has become an integral part of daily life, seamlessly fitting into our routines and providing peace of mind with its precise forecasts.

19. Fandom

19. Fandom

Stepping into the vast universe of Fandom, I’m greeted by a staggering 3.1 billion monthly visitors globally. It’s a treasure trove for enthusiasts, where over 350 million users dive deep into 250,000+ communities, exploring 40 million pages of content about their beloved shows, games, and comics.

Here’s a snapshot of Fandom’s impressive stats:

Metric Value
5-Year Search Growth 189%
Monthly Traffic 3,100,000,000
User Base Over 350 million
Communities Hosted Over 250,000
Pages of Content 40 million

Fandom’s growth is a testament to the power of community and shared passion. It’s not just a website; it’s a vibrant ecosystem where fans can contribute, learn, and connect with others who share their interests.

Fandom stands out as the largest entertainment and gaming website, a hub where knowledge and fandom unite in a celebration of pop culture.

20. Whatsapp

20. Whatsapp

As we delve into the realm of instant messaging, WhatsApp stands out with its staggering 2.78 billion monthly active users (MAUs). It’s not just a platform for personal communication anymore; since the introduction of WhatsApp Business in 2018, it has become an indispensable tool for brands to connect with their customers.

With over 200 million businesses leveraging WhatsApp Business as of June 2023, it’s clear that this platform is more than just a messaging app—it’s a robust business communication solution.

Here’s a quick look at WhatsApp’s impressive growth:

  • 5-year search growth: 194%
  • Search growth status: Exploding
  • Monthly global traffic: 2,900,000,000

Whether you’re a small business owner or part of an enterprise, WhatsApp provides tailored solutions to enhance customer support and engagement. The WhatsApp Business app caters to smaller ventures, while the WhatsApp Business API is designed for larger operations. This versatility is what keeps WhatsApp at the forefront of digital communication.

21. USA Today

21. USA Today

Stepping into the realm of news, USA Today stands out as a beacon of growth among its peers. In the ever-competitive landscape of digital journalism, it’s not just about reporting the news but also about how effectively you reach your audience. USA Today has mastered this, becoming the fastest-growing top ten news site in the US for the second consecutive month.

According to the latest data from Similarweb, USA Today’s visits surged by a whopping 32% year-on-year to 140.8 million. This growth is not just impressive; it’s a testament to the site’s commitment to quality journalism and adapting to the digital age. Here’s a quick glance at their remarkable growth:

Month Year-on-Year Growth Visits (Millions)
Dec 32% 140.8

With a focus on regional newspapers, broadcast journalism, and digital journalism, USA Today is not only fighting for quality news media but also winning the battle for readers’ attention.

This achievement is a clear indicator that USA Today is doing something right. Whether it’s their engaging content, user-friendly design, or their innovative approach to news delivery, they are setting a standard for others to follow.

22. CNN

22. CNN

As I delve into the world of digital news, it’s clear that CNN remains a giant in the industry. Despite a 17% drop in traffic, with 500.9 million visits, it’s evident that the network’s influence is still substantial. The competition in digital news is fierce, and CNN is fighting to maintain its position at the forefront.

  • News (381 million) and CNN (500.9 million) both down by 17%
  • Monthly top 50 listing for news websites
  • CNN continues to battle for quality news media in the digital age

CNN’s resilience in the digital landscape is a testament to its commitment to delivering quality news. The network’s adaptability and dedication to journalism shine through, even as the industry evolves.

It’s fascinating to see how traditional media giants transition into the digital realm. CNN’s strategy and content will be crucial in retaining its audience and staying ahead in the game.

23. Fox News

23. Fox News

As I delve into the realm of news media, it’s clear that Fox News remains a dominant force in the industry. With a significant online presence, it’s no surprise to see it ranked among the top 25 most popular websites globally and in the US. Fox News has seen a decline in traffic, much like its competitor CNN, with both experiencing a 17% drop according to Similarweb data.

Digital age challenges have reshaped the landscape for news outlets, and Fox News is no exception. The fight for quality news media has never been more intense, with the top 50 news websites in the US being updated monthly to reflect the shifting tides of reader preferences and engagement.

In this competitive space, staying informed is key. Fox News, with its vast array of content, continues to engage a dedicated audience despite the overall downturn in traffic.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the current state of news media websites in the US:

  • USA Today remains the fastest-growing top ten news site.
  • Both Fox News and CNN have seen a 17% decrease in traffic.
  • The digital intelligence platform Similarweb provides monthly updates on these rankings.

24. The New York Times

24. The New York Times

As I delve into the world of news and journalism, it’s impossible to overlook The New York Times. Renowned for its in-depth reporting and wide array of topics, it’s no wonder it holds a spot in the top 25 most popular websites globally and in the US. The site’s commitment to quality journalism remains a beacon in the digital age.

Here’s a quick snapshot of its standing among news websites:

  • Ranked within the top 50 news websites in the US
  • Recognized for its comprehensive coverage across various sections
  • Continues to innovate with digital offerings like podcasts and newsletters

In an era where digital media is omnipresent, The New York Times exemplifies the enduring value of well-researched and thoughtfully presented news.

Whether you’re seeking international news, the latest in science and technology, or cultural insights, The New York Times is a go-to source that consistently delivers. Its presence on this list is a testament to the trust and readership it has cultivated over the years.

25. The Guardian and more

25. The Guardian and more

As we round out our top 25, it’s clear that the landscape of digital news consumption is ever-evolving. The Guardian stands out not only for its reputable journalism but also for its global reach. However, it’s not alone in the fight for quality news media in the digital age.

Traffic trends have shown fluctuations across the board, with some sites experiencing slumps while others, like People, have seen a significant increase in visits. Here’s a quick snapshot of the shifting dynamics:

  • People: 145.9 million visits, up 20% year-on-year
  • Others: Varied traffic changes, with some seeing declines

It’s important to note that these shifts are part of a larger narrative of media consumption changes. As we continue to monitor these trends, we remain committed to providing insights that help readers navigate the vast sea of information.

In this digital era, staying informed means understanding not just the news itself, but the platforms that shape our access to it.


In conclusion, the 2024 Rankings of the Top 100 Most Popular Websites Globally & in the US provide valuable insights into the online landscape. The dominance of search engines, social media platforms, and news websites is evident in the list, showcasing the preferences of internet users. Stay tuned for monthly updates and new trending websites to stay informed about the evolving digital trends. Explore the diverse range of topics on our platform and stay connected for the latest updates in the online world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most visited website in the world as of February 2024?

The most visited website in the world as of February 2024 is Google.

Which website holds the leading position as the most popular website worldwide with 175 billion average monthly visits? holds the leading position as the most popular website worldwide with 175 billion average monthly visits.

What are some prevalent patterns among the most popular websites globally?

A prevalent pattern among the most popular websites is their relation to search engines, social media, and news or media.

Which social network is ranked as one of the most popular social networks worldwide as of January 2024?

Instagram is ranked as one of the most popular social networks worldwide as of January 2024.

Which news website was the fastest-growing in the US in December according to Press Gazette’s ranking?

USA Today was the fastest-growing news website in the US in December according to Press Gazette’s ranking.

What was the year-on-year growth rate of USA Today in December according to Similarweb data?

Visits to USA Today were up by a third (32%) year-on-year in December according to Similarweb data.

Which website pulled ahead of Yahoo into first place as the most popular website in June 2010?

Google pulled ahead of Yahoo into first place as the most popular website in June 2010.

Where can I find the top 50 news websites in the US ranking using Similarweb data?

You can find the top 50 news websites in the US ranking using Similarweb data on Press Gazette’s monthly ranking.



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