In today’s digital age, websites have become the epicenters of information, entertainment, commerce, and social interaction. The 2024 rankings of the top 100 most popular websites globally and in the US offer a fascinating snapshot of our online behavior and preferences. This comprehensive list not only highlights the dominant players in the digital space but also provides insights into emerging trends and user engagement across various sectors. Here, we delve into the digital giants that have captivated the world’s attention and analyze the metrics that underscore their popularity.

Key Takeaways

  • The top 100 most visited websites reflect the diverse interests of the global population, spanning entertainment, information, and commerce.
  • Dominant media companies and social media platforms continue to own a significant share of web traffic, emphasizing the value placed on connectivity and knowledge.
  • The list of the most popular websites is dynamic, with new sites emerging and others fading, demonstrating the fast-paced nature of digital innovation.
  • In-depth analysis of website rankings provides valuable insights for businesses, offering opportunities for growth, scalability, and improved sales performance.
  • The digital landscape in 2024 showcases a mosaic of user interests, with the most visited websites shaping our online experiences and the digital economy.

1. Google

1. Google

As I delve into the digital realm, it’s clear that Google stands unrivaled as the most utilized search engine on the planet. With a staggering mobile market share of 95.32% and a desktop market share of 81.95%, its dominance is unquestionable. It’s fascinating to consider that Google maintains a web index of approximately 400 billion documents, a testament to the vastness of the internet.

Every day, an estimated 3.5 billion searches are conducted on Google, highlighting its integral role in our daily lives. Interestingly, 15% of these searches are unique, having never been queried before.

Here’s a quick glance at Google’s impact:

  • Mobile market share: 95.32%
  • Desktop market share: 81.95%
  • Daily searches: 3.5 billion
  • Unique searches: 15%

It’s also noteworthy that a significant portion of searches, 61.5% on desktop and 34.4% on mobile, result in no-clicks, indicating that users often find what they need directly on the search results page. As a savvy internet user, understanding these statistics can be incredibly helpful when considering the influence of search engines on online behavior.

2. YouTube

2. YouTube

As I delve into the world of online video, it’s clear that YouTube stands as a titan with an estimated 14.4 billion videos. It’s not just about cat videos and vlogs; YouTube has become a critical platform for businesses, with 91% of them using video as a marketing tool.

The impact of video content is undeniable, with 82% of people persuaded to purchase a product or service after watching a video. This statistic speaks volumes about the power of visual storytelling in today’s digital landscape.

Here’s a quick glance at how video marketing integrates into business strategies:

  • 88% of video marketers view video as an essential part of their strategy.
  • 75% have utilized AI tools for video creation or editing.

YouTube isn’t just an entertainment hub; it’s a cornerstone for modern marketing and a testament to the evolving ways we consume content and make purchasing decisions.

3. Facebook

3. Facebook

Stepping into the realm of Facebook, it’s clear why this platform remains a titan in the social media landscape. With a staggering 19.04 billion visits, it’s a hub for connecting with friends, family, and communities. The sheer volume of interactions on Facebook is a testament to its enduring appeal and utility.

Facebook isn’t just about social connections; it’s a powerful tool for businesses and advertisers to reach a vast audience. Here’s a snapshot of its colossal reach:

Metric Value (Billion)
Monthly Visits 19.04
User Base 2.8

Embracing the digital age, Facebook has evolved from a simple networking site to a multifaceted platform, offering a plethora of services from marketplace to live streaming.

Whether it’s sharing a life update, discovering content, or engaging with brands, Facebook’s ecosystem caters to a diverse range of online activities. It’s a digital crossroads that continues to shape how we interact online.

4. Amazon

4. Amazon

When it comes to online shopping, Amazon stands out as a behemoth in the e-commerce space. With a vast array of products ranging from books to electronics, and even groceries, it’s no wonder that Amazon has become a staple in our daily lives. The convenience of having everything in one place, coupled with user-friendly services like Amazon Prime, has revolutionized the way we shop.

E-Commerce Giants: Amazon’s dominance is not just about variety; it’s also about accessibility and customer service. Here’s a quick look at what makes Amazon tick:

  • A wide selection of products across multiple categories
  • User-centric features like one-click ordering and personalized recommendations
  • A robust logistics network ensuring quick delivery times

Amazon’s success is a testament to its commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation in the online retail sector.

Whether you’re looking for the latest gadget or just need to restock on household essentials, Amazon has made it incredibly easy to find and purchase what you need with minimal hassle. It’s clear that Amazon isn’t just a store; it’s an integral part of the modern consumer’s lifestyle.

5. Wikipedia

5. Wikipedia

Wikipedia stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and the collective desire for knowledge. With 4.788 billion visits, it’s clear that this encyclopedia has become an indispensable resource for people around the globe. It’s fascinating to see how volunteers from all corners of the world come together to edit and maintain the vast repository of information.

Wikipedia’s success is rooted in its commitment to free access and the open sharing of information.

Here’s a quick snapshot of Wikipedia’s global impact:

  • Over 55 million articles
  • Available in more than 300 languages
  • Edited by millions of volunteers

Whether you’re looking for a quick fact check or diving deep into historical events, Wikipedia is the go-to source for reliable information. Its user-friendly interface and extensive database make it a favorite among students, professionals, and the curious minds alike.

6. Twitter

6. Twitter

As I delve into the realm of social media, it’s impossible to overlook the impact of Twitter. With over 7 billion visits, it’s clear that Twitter has cemented its place as a global hub for real-time news and social interaction. The platform’s unique appeal lies in its brevity and immediacy, making it a go-to source for updates from public figures, organizations, and individuals alike.

Here’s a quick snapshot of Twitter’s staggering reach:

Metric Value
Monthly Visits 7.016B
Rank 6th

Twitter’s ecosystem thrives on the succinct exchange of ideas, where every character counts and messages are distilled to their essence. This constraint has fostered a culture of creativity and wit, with users constantly finding innovative ways to express themselves within the 280-character limit.

Whether it’s for following breaking news, engaging in public discourse, or simply staying connected with friends, Twitter’s influence is undeniable. It’s a digital pulse that captures the voice of the internet in real time.

7. Instagram

7. Instagram

As I navigate the bustling digital landscape, Instagram stands out as a vibrant hub for creativity and connection. With over 6 billion visits, it’s clear that Instagram has become a cornerstone of online social interaction. It’s more than just a platform; it’s a cultural phenomenon.

Instagram’s allure lies in its simplicity and visual appeal. Users can effortlessly capture, edit, and share their life’s moments through photos and videos. It’s a space where authenticity thrives, and personal stories unfold in colorful grids and Stories.

Instagram has reshaped the way we share and consume visual content, making every user a potential creator.

Here’s a quick snapshot of Instagram’s impact:

  • A community of over 1 billion active users
  • A daily upload of millions of photos and videos
  • A powerful tool for businesses and influencers alike

As we continue to embrace visual storytelling, Instagram’s role in our digital lives is only set to grow.

8. WhatsApp

8. WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become an indispensable part of our daily communication, connecting over 2.9 billion users worldwide. It’s not just about text messaging; WhatsApp offers voice and video calls, ensuring we stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues no matter where we are.

Convenience is key with WhatsApp. The app’s cross-platform functionality means it works seamlessly across devices, making it a go-to for international messaging. Here’s a quick look at what makes WhatsApp so popular:

  • Free international messaging and calls
  • End-to-end encryption for security
  • Group chats for coordinating with multiple people
  • Easy media sharing for photos, videos, and documents

WhatsApp’s simplicity and reliability have cemented its position as a global leader in instant messaging.

Whether it’s coordinating a work project or sharing moments with loved ones, WhatsApp’s features cater to a broad range of communication needs. It’s clear why it’s ranked among the top websites globally.

9. LinkedIn

9. LinkedIn

As we delve into the professional sphere, LinkedIn stands out as a pivotal platform for career networking. With over 1.793 billion visits, it’s clear that LinkedIn has cemented its place as the go-to site for job seekers and employers alike. The site’s unique blend of professional profiles, job listings, and industry insights makes it an invaluable resource for anyone looking to advance their career.

Networking on LinkedIn goes beyond just connecting with colleagues; it’s about building a professional brand, discovering new opportunities, and engaging with thought leaders in your field. Here’s a quick rundown of what makes LinkedIn indispensable:

  • Personalized job recommendations
  • Skill endorsements and recommendations
  • Professional groups and discussions

LinkedIn’s ability to connect individuals with industry professionals and job opportunities is unparalleled in the digital job market.

Whether you’re updating your CV or scouting for top talent, LinkedIn’s comprehensive platform is designed to facilitate professional growth and opportunity.

10. Netflix

10. Netflix

As we delve into the realm of online streaming, Netflix stands out as a titan, captivating audiences worldwide with its vast library of movies and TV shows. With a user base that’s continuously growing, it’s no surprise that Netflix has secured its spot in the top 10 most popular websites.

Netflix isn’t just about binge-watching; it’s a cultural phenomenon that has redefined entertainment consumption.

Here’s a quick glance at Netflix’s impressive numbers:

Metric Value
Monthly Visits 2.175B
Global Rank 10
US Rank 10

Whether you’re looking for the latest blockbuster or a nostalgic classic, Netflix offers a seamless experience across various devices. Its influence on how we watch and talk about television is undeniable, making it a staple in the digital landscape.

11. TikTok

11. TikTok

TikTok has become a cultural phenomenon, capturing the attention of over 1.79 billion users globally. Trends start here, and it’s not just about entertainment; it’s a platform where creativity meets virality. With its personalized short videos, TikTok has revolutionized the way we consume content, making every second count.

Italics isn’t just for emphasis here; it’s a way of life on TikTok, where the personalized experience is key to its success. Users can dive into a world tailored to their interests and become part of a community that’s as diverse as it is dynamic.

TikTok’s impact is undeniable. It’s not just a social media platform; it’s a launchpad for trends and talent across the globe.

While TikTok’s user base is impressive, it’s the engagement rates that truly highlight its dominance in the social media landscape. Here’s a quick look at the numbers:

Metric Value
Monthly Users 1.79B
Daily Activity High
Engagement Exceptional

As we continue to see the rise of digital behemoths, TikTok stands out for its unique blend of entertainment and engagement, making it a powerhouse in today’s digital ecosystem.

12. Microsoft

12. Microsoft

As we delve into the digital realm, Microsoft stands out as a cornerstone of the tech industry. With a staggering 874.8 million visits, it’s clear that Microsoft’s suite of products and services has a massive global footprint. Explore the diverse offerings from Windows to Azure, and you’ll find tools that cater to both personal and business needs.

  • Surface devices offer cutting-edge technology and design.
  • Microsoft 365 brings productivity to new heights.
  • Xbox and PC gaming unite players around the world.
  • Azure’s cloud services empower innovation and growth.

Embrace the seamless integration of Microsoft’s ecosystem in your daily life. Whether for work, play, or anything in between, Microsoft provides solutions that redefine our interaction with technology.

13. Apple

13. Apple

When it comes to the intersection of technology and lifestyle, Apple stands out as a beacon. Its website is a testament to the brand’s commitment to sleek design and user experience, mirroring the ethos of their products. From the latest iPhone to the newest Mac, Apple’s site is a hub for tech enthusiasts seeking the cutting-edge in consumer electronics. isn’t just a storefront; it’s a destination for millions looking to explore the ecosystem of Apple services, including iCloud, Apple Music, and the App Store. Here’s a quick glance at what you can expect when you visit:

  • Discover new product releases and updates
  • Access customer support and service options
  • Learn about Apple’s environmental and privacy initiatives

Embrace the seamless integration of hardware and software that Apple is renowned for, and dive into a world where technology meets artistry.

Whether you’re a loyal customer or a curious onlooker, Apple’s website provides a comprehensive experience that goes beyond mere shopping. It’s a place where technology becomes accessible, and innovation is just a click away.

14. Adobe

14. Adobe

Adobe has long been synonymous with creativity and design, offering a suite of tools that are indispensable to professionals across various industries. Their software has revolutionized the way we create and consume digital media, making it a staple in graphic design, video editing, web development, and more.

One of Adobe’s most significant contributions is the Creative Cloud, a platform that provides users with access to a collection of software for graphic design, video editing, web development, and photography, along with a set of mobile applications and some optional cloud services.

Here’s a quick rundown of some popular Adobe Creative Cloud applications:

  • Photoshop: Image editing and compositing.
  • Illustrator: Vector graphics and illustration.
  • Premiere Pro: Video editing and production.
  • After Effects: Cinematic visual effects and motion graphics.
  • InDesign: Page design and layout for print and digital publishing.

Adobe’s ecosystem not only enhances productivity but also fosters a community of creatives who share resources, tutorials, and inspiration.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, Adobe’s tools are designed to help you bring your ideas to life with precision and flair. Their impact on the digital landscape is undeniable, and their position in the top rankings is well-deserved.

15. Yahoo

15. Yahoo

Once the titan of the internet, Yahoo still holds a significant place in the digital world. With services ranging from Yahoo News to Yahoo Celebrity, it’s clear that Yahoo has diversified to stay relevant. Yahoo’s ability to adapt and evolve has kept it in the top rankings of most visited websites globally.

Yahoo’s offerings extend beyond news and entertainment. Here’s a quick snapshot of what keeps users coming back:

  • Email services with free stock quotes
  • Live scores and video content
  • A platform for the latest celebrity gossip and news

Yahoo’s enduring presence is a testament to its commitment to providing a variety of digital experiences that resonate with users across the globe.

Despite facing fierce competition, Yahoo’s user base remains in the hundreds of millions, proving that it can still be a go-to source for many online needs.

16. eBay

16. eBay

As I delve into the bustling digital marketplace of eBay, it’s clear why it remains a top destination for buyers and sellers alike. With a staggering 736.6 million visits, eBay’s global reach is undeniable. The platform has evolved into more than just an auction site; it’s a comprehensive hub for all things commerce.

Here’s a quick snapshot of eBay’s impressive stats:

Metric Value
Monthly Visits 736.6M
Categories Diverse
Deals Daily
Shipping Worldwide

Whether you’re in the market for rare collectibles or everyday items, eBay offers a treasure trove of options. It’s the go-to site for scoring deals and discovering unique finds. The user-friendly interface and robust search functionality make it a breeze to navigate through the myriad of listings.

eBay’s commitment to customer satisfaction and trust is evident in its buyer protection policies and money-back guarantee. This ensures a safer shopping experience, which is paramount in retaining its position as a leading online marketplace.

17. Bing

17. Bing

As we delve into the world of Bing, it’s clear that this search engine is more than just a tool for finding information. Bing helps you turn information into action, making the search experience both faster and easier. With a focus on helping users go from searching to doing, Bing integrates various categories and presents them on a single page, streamlining the search process.

Bing’s versatility extends beyond search, offering a range of services including email, news, and the innovative Knowledge iN, the world’s first online Q&A platform.

While Bing may not have the same global reach as some of its competitors, it holds a significant place in the market with a user base of 1.149 billion. Here’s a quick snapshot of Bing’s presence in the digital space:

  • Monthly Active Users: 1.149 Billion
  • Key Features: Search, Email, News, Knowledge iN
  • Unique Offering: World’s first online Q&A platform

Bing’s commitment to enhancing user experience and providing valuable services makes it a noteworthy contender in the realm of search engines.

18. Reddit

18. Reddit

Diving into the vast universe of Reddit, I’ve found it to be a treasure trove of communities catering to virtually every interest, hobby, and discussion imaginable. With 1.812 billion visits, it’s clear that this platform has cemented its place in the digital world.

  • Reddit’s structure is unique, with ‘subreddits’ dedicated to specific topics.
  • The platform encourages a democratic approach, where content is upvoted or downvoted by the community.
  • It’s not just about discussions; users share news, stories, and support each other in countless ways.

Reddit has evolved beyond a mere forum; it’s a reflection of the internet’s collective consciousness.

Whether you’re looking to explore new interests or dive deeper into existing ones, Reddit offers a personalized experience that keeps users coming back for more. It’s a testament to the power of community-driven content in shaping our online interactions.

19. Pinterest

19. Pinterest

As we explore the 19th spot in our rankings, we find Pinterest, a hub of creativity and inspiration. Pinterest has become a go-to resource for millions seeking ideas, from DIY projects to wedding planning. It’s not just a site; it’s a community where people pin their hopes and dreams, literally.

  • Users can create and manage theme-based image collections.
  • The platform allows for the discovery of new interests by browsing pins others have posted.
  • It’s a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more.

Pinterest’s simplicity and visual appeal have made it a favorite among those who love to organize and share ideas visually. It’s a space where the aesthetic value of content is just as important as its utility.

With its user-friendly interface and a vast array of topics, Pinterest caters to a diverse audience. Whether you’re a professional designer or someone planning their next vacation, Pinterest offers a wealth of resources to fuel your next project.

20. Office

20. Office

As we delve into the Office suite’s online presence, it’s clear that its utility extends far beyond the traditional desktop applications. integrates seamlessly with cloud services, providing a hub for productivity that’s accessible from anywhere.

  • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint lead the charge, offering real-time collaboration.
  • OneDrive ensures your documents are always within reach.
  • Outlook’s email service remains a cornerstone of professional communication.

Embracing the shift towards remote work, has become indispensable for professionals and students alike.

The site’s popularity is a testament to its adaptability and the continuous evolution of its features. With tools that cater to a diverse range of needs, stands as a pillar in the digital workspace.

21. Zoom

21. Zoom

As we delve into the world of virtual communication, Zoom stands out as a beacon of connectivity. With nearly a billion users, it’s clear that Zoom has become an essential tool for video conferencing, webinars, and online events. Its ease of use and reliable platform have made it a go-to solution for both personal and professional communication needs.

Zoom’s success is not just in numbers but in the way it has reshaped our approach to remote communication and collaboration.

Here’s a quick snapshot of Zoom’s impressive reach:

  • Secure and reliable video platform
  • Powers communication needs including meetings, chat, phone, and webinars
  • Nearly 1 billion users globally

Zoom’s integration into various sectors, from education to entertainment, highlights its versatility and the trust users place in its service. As we continue to embrace digital interactions, Zoom’s role in connecting us is more important than ever.

22. WordPress

22. WordPress

As we delve into the world of WordPress, it’s clear why it’s a top contender on our list. WordPress powers a significant portion of the internet, offering a robust platform for blogging, business websites, and e-commerce. Its flexibility and ease of use make it a go-to for both novices and seasoned web developers.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensive plugin ecosystem
  • Highly customizable themes
  • Strong community support

WordPress isn’t just about blogging anymore. It’s a comprehensive tool that can cater to a wide array of website needs, from simple personal pages to complex corporate sites.

Whether you’re looking to start a personal blog or establish an online presence for your business, WordPress provides the tools and resources to get you there. With its open-source nature, the possibilities are truly endless.

23. AliExpress

23. AliExpress

Stepping into the realm of global e-commerce, AliExpress stands out as a beacon for small businesses aiming to reach an international audience. With a user base of over 426 million, it’s clear that this platform has become a favorite for shoppers seeking variety, affordability, and the convenience of door-to-door delivery.

AliExpress’s success is not just in numbers but in the diversity of products offered. From electronics to fashion, and everything in between, the site provides a marketplace for countless items that cater to a wide range of tastes and needs.

  • Electronics
  • Fashion
  • Home & Garden
  • Accessories
  • Toys & Hobbies

AliExpress has revolutionized the way we think about international retail, making it accessible and seamless for both sellers and buyers.

It’s important to note that while AliExpress is a giant in the e-commerce space, it’s also a platform that has faced challenges. From shipping delays to counterfeit goods, the company continues to evolve its policies and practices to ensure customer satisfaction and trust.

24. Baidu

24. Baidu

Stepping into the realm of Baidu, we’re not just talking about a search engine; it’s a portal to a vast array of information tailored for the Chinese-speaking world. Baidu is the leading Chinese search engine, dedicated to simplifying the internet journey for users seeking information. With a staggering 5.172 billion visits, it’s clear that Baidu holds a significant place in the digital landscape.

Accessibility is key with Baidu, as it not only provides search capabilities but also integrates various services on a single platform. From email and news to pioneering the first online Q&A platform, Baidu’s offerings are comprehensive:

  • Email and news services
  • Knowledge iN: The first online Q&A platform
  • Video on demand through Bilibili

Baidu’s influence extends beyond search, shaping the way information is consumed and interacted with in the Chinese market.

It’s fascinating to see how Baidu has adapted to local needs, providing a service that resonates with its audience. As we continue to explore the top websites globally, Baidu’s position is a testament to the importance of understanding and catering to regional preferences.

25. Twitch and more

25. Twitch and more

Rounding out our top 25, Twitch stands as a testament to the power of live-streaming, captivating audiences with content that spans gaming, entertainment, sports, and music. With a staggering 1.199 billion visitors, it’s clear that interactive platforms are reshaping how we consume media.

Beyond Twitch, the landscape of popular websites is diverse and dynamic. Here’s a glimpse into other sites that are making waves globally:

  • South Korea’s premier search engine, offering a unique one-page comprehensive search result.
  • A hub for communities to chat and hang out via text, voice, and video.
  • A global platform that connects through play, fostering creativity and interaction.

Each of these platforms brings something unique to the table, from Naver’s innovative search features to Discord’s community-centric approach and Roblox’s immersive worlds.

As we continue to navigate the digital age, these websites are more than just destinations; they’re integral parts of our daily lives, facilitating connections, entertainment, and knowledge.


As we wrap up our exploration of the 2024 rankings for the top 100 most popular websites globally and in the US, it’s clear that the digital landscape continues to be a dynamic and diverse ecosystem. From the titans of technology and social media to the niche corners of entertainment and education, these websites not only reflect our current interests but also shape our digital experiences. The data presented offers valuable insights for businesses and individuals alike, highlighting the importance of staying informed about digital trends. Whether for strategic planning, competitive analysis, or simply to satisfy curiosity, understanding the web’s most frequented destinations is key to navigating the ever-evolving online world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria are used to rank the top 100 most popular websites?

The ranking is based on Similarweb traffic ratings, which include the number of visitors, average time on site, and bounce rate.

Do these rankings reflect global or regional popularity?

The rankings reflect global popularity, showcasing the most visited websites worldwide.

How often do the rankings of the most popular websites change?

The internet landscape is dynamic, with rankings constantly evolving as new websites emerge and user preferences shift.

What types of websites make up the top 100 most popular sites?

The list includes a diverse range of categories such as technology, entertainment, reference, news, e-commerce, and education.

Can these rankings provide business opportunities?

Yes, analyzing the rankings can offer insights for niche studies, competitive positioning, and can potentially improve business scalability and sales performance.

Who compiled the rankings of the most visited websites?

The rankings were compiled using data from Ahrefs and other research tools, and were presented by SEO & CRO expert Andrew Chornyy.

Are the rankings based on desktop traffic, mobile traffic, or both?

The rankings consider both desktop and mobile traffic to provide a comprehensive view of website popularity.

Where can I find more detailed information about the top websites?

More detailed information about the top websites can be found on the Similarweb platform, which provides in-depth traffic analysis and metrics.


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